Aug 032015

1503 Topless is best during a tropical heatwave. Add a pair of blue swarovski crystal nipple jewelry and your fav foot goddess just made it hotter ;o) It was so hot the jewelry kept sliding off my nipples… wish you were here to help me keep them on ;o)~ Teasing you in my Daisy Duke shorts and Cum Fuck Me Pumps is so arousing and I found myself rubbing my pussy through the shorts. Then I dangle my sexy pink pumps off my feet…enticing you with every swing of my heels. You know you want your cock right there, sliding between the soles of my feet and my high heel. Off cum the pumps to reveal the most perfect, soft, smooth, sexy bare feet that you could ever want all over your delicious hard cock. And you want to suck on these delectable toes while fingering my wet pussy and making me cum all over your fingers, mmmm. Stroke & Wank your cock, my Darling, and shoot your hot creamy load all over my sexy feet xoxo
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Jul 132015


After another very hot day walking in Vegas, it was time for me to get out of the sun.  The air conditioning could not keep up with the heat so off came my dress and I slipped into the jacuzzi.  The coolness of the bathtub felt wonderful on my hot skin and it did not take long to start cooling down once I ran some water on my feet, ass and legs.  As I lay there, I started splashing water onto my hot pussy. My fingers lightly touched my clit with every wave of my hand, then it started to swell and I found my mind wandering as I gently rubbed it with my finger…thinking of you beside me with your cock in hand stroking and wanking it until we cum together.  I just love your hot creamy load all over my toes and arches, Darling, mmmm.

Mar 052015


A member wanted to see me wearing his ffstockings and my delicious slide heels.  My crazy idea was to put on my leather coat and gloves and take a set outdoors in the middle of winter.  I was nice and warm under my coat, but when I opened it up and let all that cool air in, my nipples got very, very hard…I could use your wet hot breath & lips on them;o)  To keep warm I thought about how hot it would be if you were here to keep me warm…sliding your hands up and down my long legs then how my stocking covered feet would feel as I stroked  your cock until I felt the ribbons of your hot white cum shooting all over my feet.  Those sensuous thoughts made my pussy wet and my clit throb and I finger fucked my pussy with my leather  glove covered fingers, mmmm, so yummy tasting.  Grab that beautiful hard cock, Darling, Stroke & Wank it and let’s cum together.
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Dec 132014

I love being in Vegas, it can get very hot, perfect for short dresses and slides. We found our way into the Wynn to cool down and spent the morning taking in it’s beauty.  Then it was back to the hotel for a nice long shower…the water is warm Darling, care to join me? The thought of you washing my back and me running my soapy hands along your hard, thick cock got me even wetter. I fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit until I came, mmmm. I want you to taste my pussy juices while you stroke & wank your cock then shoot your load all over for me xoxo
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Oct 212014

After spending a cloudy morning at the beach, it was time to wash up and have some lunch.  Once back in our room, the sun finally came out so I thought, why not give hubby’s cock a good rub with my feet. So I went out onto the balcony where he was waiting for me and did just that ;o)  I slid my feet up and down his cock until he shot his hot creamy load all over.  Stroke & wank your cock as you fantasize about my feet rubbing your hard shaft until you shoot your load all over me, mmmm.  You know my feet & toes love playing with your silky cum xoxo
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Sep 012014

1405A short dress and clear slides, best things to wear while checking out the sights and sounds of Vegas *wink*  These clear slides were a gift from one of my awesome members (Thank You Sweetie xoxo)  Follow me as I walk along the street, cooling off in Caesars, then taking time to visit the Sugar Factory before heading back to my room. It was so hot out and felt good to get back to shed these clothes and have some alone time masturbating and thinking of you. Stroke & wank your cock Sexy and let’s cum together ;o)~
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Aug 052014

1404A long time member learned that I was going to be in Vegas and asked if I had time to meet with him…how could I say no, I have seen his pics and he is absolutely gorgeous ;o)~   One thing lead to another, and we were up in my room getting naked and my tits, hands & feet were all over his delicious cock.  Stay tuned, my Loves, the video will be posted soon for your viewing pleasure ;o)~
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